Trg Stjepana Miletića 11, Slavonski Brod, Croatia


4 Jul

Luxury Hostel Levicki opening

OTVOREN HOSTEL LEVICKI – Slavonski Brod dobio prvi hostel

Slavonski Brod – In the center of Slavonski Brod along the bank of the Sava, in the back Brlic, the place of the restaurant “at Dragec”, today officially opened Luxury Hostel Levicki, privately owned family Drazen Levicki, who previously have “Rooms Levicki” in the nearby Starcevic Street. This is the first hostel in the city and the wider area, which will mean a lot to increase the accommodation capacity and certainly contribute to the development of transit and business tourism, typical of Slavonski Brod.

As he said at a media conference the owner of Luxury hostel Levicki, D. Levicki, the object is in a very short time, less than four months renovated and decorated and transformed into a very modern hostel, which is in no way, other than by the number of beds in rooms and substantially lower prices, no different from modern hotels. “Luxury hostel Levicki, therefore, consists of five units with seven rooms measuring 40 square meters with a private bathroom in each room. The hostel has 40 beds. In the rooms Levicki have 17 beds, therefore we have access to a total of 57 beds. We are open to various groups of students, athletes and other guests, with the possibility of individual nights in students the popular mix of rooms at a cost of only 100 HRK(14 euros) per night, additional charge for special room with its own bathroom.

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